A rare presentation of deep infiltrating cervical endometriosis mimicking cervical cancer

P. Swetha, U. Nagashree, R. Kondammal


Though endometriosis is a common progressive benign disorder of women, endometriosis of the cervix is rarely seen. It poses a challenge both for diagnosis and management. Most of the patients with Cervical endometriosis are asymptomatic, present with abnormal vaginal bleeding, post-coital bleeding or intermenstrual bleeding. In this paper, we report a rare case of deep infiltrating cervical endometriosis involving the ureter mimicking cervical cancer, the need for awareness to include cervical endometriosis as a differential diagnosis in case of menstural irregularities and its potential to cause serious complications.


Cervical endometriosis, Colposcopy, Hydroureteronephrosis

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