Maternal parameters in lower segment caesarean section: a comparative study of the effects of spinal anaesthetic agents

M. Paul Wilson, Usha Christopher


Background: With bupivacaine, intrathecal opioids are widely used in spinal anaesthesia for LSCS. We wanted to study the effects of intrathecal opioids on maternal parameters.

Methods: With 20 patients in each group, the study was done in 40 patients posted for LSCS. One group received only bupivacaine and another group received intrathecal fentanyl and bupivacaine. Maternal parameters related to sensory block, motor block and analgesia were recorded.

Results: Intrathecal fentanyl prolonged analgesia and reduced the duration of motor blockade.

Conclusions: Fentanyl is a good adjuvant for intrathecal bupivacaine in LSCS.


Analgesia duration, Intrathecal fentanyl, LSCS, Motor blockade

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