An unusual case of cervical leiomyosarcoma in an adoloscent girl

Sangeeta Pahwa, Arshdeep Kaur, Preet K. Kaur, Tavleen Kaur


Primary leiomyosarcoma of the uterine cervix is an exceedingly rare tumor. It is malignant mesenchymal tumour of smooth muscle origin. We report a case of 15-year-old adolescent girl who presented with complain of excessive bleeding per vaginum off and on since 3-4 months and was diagnosed as leiomyosarcoma of cervix. Patient was advised further management but father refused as according to them when bleeding has stopped completely then what is the need of further treatment. In this article we want to highlight the points: what is prognosis and survival of such patient whose mass was removed completely and patient is not willing for further treatment inspite of knowing the aggressive nature of tumor and if hysterectomy is the answer what about the reproductive outcome in such young girls and what is the prospect of uterine transplant surgery.  


Cervical leiomyosarcoma, Adoloscent age group, Management, Reproductive outcome, Ovarian preservation, Uterine transplant

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