Published: 2020-11-26

The marks that humans’ leave are too often scars

Nandita Sushilkumar Kaushal, Shrikrushna Vasant Chavan, Arundhati Gundu Tilve, C. V. Hegde


Caesarean scar ectopics are the newest member of this obstetric emergency. Although rare, are associated with torrential haemorrhage. Gravida 3 para 2 with previous two caesarean sections with spotting per vaginum. Ultrasound showed a pregnancy embedded in the scar of previous caesarean section. MRI confirmed it. Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) was 15000 which dropped to 5000 after. An innovative approach was taken to laparoscopically evacuate the pregnancy. The products of conception were removed and the incision sutured so as to achieve haemostasis. Beta HCG was 15000 which dropped to 5000. Patient was haemodynamically stable and discharged on day 3. An innovative approach with skilled surgical technique not only decreased the morbidity but also avoided an unnecessary hysterectomy.


Previous-caesarean, Scar-ectopic, Laparoscopy, B-human chorionic gonadotropin, Ultrasound

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