Analysis of fetomaternal outcome of COVID-19 antenatal mothers-initial experience

Priyanka Bhadana, Ashok Kumar, Indu Chawla, Bani Sarkar


COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered single stranded RNA virus of Coronaviridae family. A retrospective study conducted in ABVIMS and RML hospital, Delhi in antenatal patients with COVID-19 infection detected by RT-PCR in nasopharyngeal and oral swab. It was found that patients with mean age of 27.2 years and mean gestational age of 39 weeks, mostly asymptomatic. Three patients undergone c section for obstetrical indications, while rest delivered vaginally. COVID-19 in pregnancy in small group of cases had good feto-maternal outcome but warrants further study.


COVID-19, Antenatal, Feto-maternal outcome

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