Published: 2021-01-28

Successful pregnancy after previous uterine rupture

Shamrao Ramjj Wakode, Varsha Narayana Bhat


Uterine rupture is a rare and catastrophic event with high fetal and maternal morbidity rate. It is most commonly seen in scarred uterus. Here we present a case of 30 years old female, gravida 3 para 2 living 0 with previous spontaneous uterine rupture at 28-30 weeks with still birth 3 years ago. She underwent emergency laparotomy with repair. She conceived spontaneously, admitted at 20 weeks of gestational age and close antenatal surveillance was done throughout the pregnancy. Corticosteroids was administered. At 36 weeks elective caesarean was planned, delivering via breech presentation to a live male baby of 2.5 kg, Apgar score of 8/10,9/10 at 1 and 5 minutes.


Cesarian delivery,uterine rupture, pregnancy

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