Published: 2021-05-27

A rare case of placenta percreta causing uterine rupture and massive haemoperitoneum in 2nd trimester: an obvious near miss

Chirayu Parmar, Mittal Parmar, Gayatri Desai


Placenta accreta spectrum is very rarely encountered with ruptured uterus and is commonly seen in third trimester of pregnancy. Hereby, a case of placenta percreta with uterine rupture in second trimester of pregnancy is presented. 40 year old women with previous 2 LSCS presented in emergency department with ninteen weeks pregnancy and massive haemoperitoneum. Emergency laprotomy revealed uterine rupture alnong with placenta percreta for which obstetric hysterectomy was done. Although, a rare occurrence, obstetricians should consider patients placenta accreta spectrum in patients with previous surgeries presenting with haemoperitoneum and signs of hypovolemic shock in second trimester of pregnancy, considering the possibility of rupture at the site of placenta adherance.


Placenta accreta, Rupture uterus, Placenta accreta syndrome, Haemoperitoneum

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