Published: 2021-03-24

Pregnancy related breast cancer: report of three cases

Zaineb Chatbi, Saloua Sarsar, Hafsa Taheri, Hanane Saadi, Ahmed Mimoni


Pregnancy-related breast cancer is defined as breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy or within a year after delivery. In current report, 3 cases of breast cancer, diagnosed during pregnancy are presented. Different diagnostic challenges, different therapeutic methods and major influences of breast cancer on obstetrical outcomes are also discussed in current report. In current case series, the three patients had ages of 36, 40 and 44 years old. They were all diagnosed as having breast cancer during pregnancy. Diagnosis was achieved using imaging, and histopathology through breast biopsy. The histological type was not otherwise specified breast cancer in all three cases. Delivery was vaginal in two cases and through caesarean section in one case. Interruption of pregnancy was performed in one case. A bad prognosis was observed in one patient with death after chemotherapy and surgery, and a favourable evolution was observed in the two other cases. The management of this complex entity must be multidisciplinary.


Pregnancy-related breast cancer, Obstetrical outcome, Breast cancer

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