A rare diagnosis with a common presentation: a case report on uterine sarcoma

Rinda Naidu Kanukolanu, Ushadevi Gopalan, Sivan Kumar Kumarapillai, Priyanka P.


Uterine sarcomas are rare soft tissue tumors which constitute 3% to 7% of overall uterine malignancies. Endometrial stromal sarcoma (ESS) is a rare type of uterine sarcoma arising from the mesodermal component of the body of the uterus. It constitutes around 0.2% of all the uterine tumors. It primarily occurs in perimenopausal women. One third of cases are seen in postmenopausal women. The presentation is not very different from an abnormal uterine bleeding, abdominal pain or a mass effect. Here we discuss an interesting case of 70 years female with a very common presentation of utero-vaginal prolapse but turned out to be a very rare postoperative diagnosis of uterine sarcoma.


Uterine sarcoma, Postmenopausal, Utero vaginal prolapse

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