Vaginal delivery for breech presentation should be an option: experience in a tertiary care hospital

Isha Gutgutia, Monika Gupta, Banashree Das


Background: The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate the feasibility of vaginal delivery of uncomplicated singleton breech presentation by evaluating early neonatal morbidity and mortality as well as maternal morbidity following vaginal and caesarean delivery for breech presentation.

Methods: 290 women with singleton breech presentation at term in labor were counseled about the risks and benefits of both the modes of delivery. Neonatal and maternal outcome were recorded and statistically analyzed.

Results: APGAR at 5 min and NICU admission were not affected by mode of delivery. Long term neonatal outcome is similar in either mode of delivery. Maternal morbidity and duration of hospital stay is increased in caesarean births.

Conclusions: Neonatal outcome did not depend on mode of delivery though maternal morbidity and cost of care is increased following Caesarean Section. Proper selection of cases and by improving skill & confidence in new generation obstetrician, vaginal delivery of singleton fetuses in breech presentation at term remains a safe option that can be offered to a woman in a tertiary care centre.


Vaginal delivery, Caesarian section, Breech presentation

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